Shuff’s BM14 Garand




Introducing something new from Shuff’s, the Shuff’s BM14.  This rifle has the look of the famous BM59 but uses the common USGI M14 magazine or the Checkmate magazine.   The rifle features the following;

New .308 barrel contoured to look a lot like a BM69, slightly longer between the gas cylinder and the chamber with a 3″ brake.

Drop down BM59 gas cylinder from Standard Parts

Shuff’s solid lower band

Drop down muzzle brake from Standard Parts

Schuster gas lock screw so you can use any commercial .308 or quality 7.62 NATO ammunition

Shuff’s active bolt stop which function just like an M14/M1A bolt stop

New American Walnut stock set

Shuff’s Magazine modification to a USGI M1 Garand receiver

Shuff’s Modified M1 Garand trigger group to take M14 magazines

Shuff’s front mag catch

Fully parkerized metal

Price for complete rifle $2700, only Winchester left, shipped and does not include a magazine.

Price to convert your M1 Garand and use your non finger groove stock, swapping your gas cylinder, follower, follower arm, follower rod, clip latch, bullet guide, and barrel with TE of less than 5 ME of less than 3, for my parts to make this rifle is $1500 shipped. This would include parkerizing the complete rifle but does not include a magazine.

Shuffs video