Rifles For Sale

Most of what we do at Shuff’s involves modifications to your rifles, but we do sell a limited number of complete rifles each year. Because of the taxes involved, there are a set number of rifles set aside to be sold each year and once they are gone, no more are sold until the following calendar year.   We currently have six rifles left for 2019.  Right now, we have the following rifles available:  



Mini-G  $1700  currently only Winchesters left $1900, 30 day ship time from day I receive order, FFL and funds .  The Mini-G has a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner.  I even take care of shipping both ways should you have a problem within the first 30 days.

The Shuff’s Mini-G is a uniquely modified Garand carbine. Shipping is $45. Mini-G details.

BM59 $2700.  I have one BM59 kit left to build on for 2019.  This rifle comes complete with two mags and a stripper clip guide.  No pictures because it will be produced when ordered.

Magazine-Fed Mini-G  $2500.  Ships within 30 days of receiving order form, FFL and funds.

This rifle combines both the Shuff’s Mini-G conversion as well as the M-14 magazine-fed modification. Your choice of zinc or manganese parkerizing. Rifle does not come with a magazine. Shipping is $45.