Quality Vendors

I have several vendors that I always recommend to folks for their firearms needs. It is my pleasure to recommend these vendors to you too.

Furniture Care

Fairtrimmers Military oX. This is the ONLY stock oil used on any new furniture in my shop. Call or write Frank for your stock finishing needs http://www.fairtrimmers.com/

Stocks Sets USGI and Reproduction

The Stock Emporium.  The Stock Emporium is owned by Sean Angott.  Sean has both USGI and Reproduction Stock furniture for the M1 Garand.  At any time you may also find M1 Garand parts for your rifle building needs.  Sean also sells a finger groove M1 Garand Stock which looks fantastic on the Mini-G, BM14, and is the correct look for the BM59.  The finger grooves for Sean’s stock are replicated from a real BM59 Stock.




Standard Parts. These guys are the most honest, fastest shipping, most responsive parts supplier for the M1 Garand, 03 or M1 Carbine of any supplier I know of. Give Greg at Standard parts a try, you won’t be sorry! https://www.standardpartsllc.com/productcart/pc/sp_default.asp?


Ammo Garand




Ammo Garand.  For hard to find collector parts all the way to the common parts you need to complete your build,  Their sight focuses on providing original M1 Garand parts, 30/06 ammunition, and .30 caliber Military surplus ammunition for US curios and relics.