Customer Service Promise

My current turn around time is up to 90 days.  Business days are M-F and any day that the post office has a holiday is considered a non business day since I ship through them.

Sick of sending your rifle off for work and it taking forever?  Sick of Smiths acting like you work for them instead of them working for you?  Had it with shops telling you that your rifle needs new parts when your rifle had worked perfectly?  I was too and that’s why I founded my company.

I turn ALL work in the time frame I promise you or I’ll take $35 off your order or I’m of course happy to send your work back to you and pay your shipping.

I believe in the Golden Rule and the simple fact that you, the customer, pay for my family, my vacations, and my lifestyle.  If you call or email me I look at it as an opportunity to talk with you and not an interruption of my business.  You may call me between the hours of 9am and 9pm Eastern Standard Time any day of the week.  I may not answer but most of the time I do.  Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you.  If I don’t return an email please don’t be upset.  Often times a new customers email can get sent to junk in my email account and I might not catch it.  Try calling if I don’t answer an email.

If a part is worn, and it does not affect safety, you may hear about it but I will not pressure you to replace it. My personal firearms are filled with worn parts but they run fine.