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At the time of its adoption by the United States Armed Forces in WWII, the M1 Garand was one of the most sophisticated weapons systems on the planet. It combined the long range accuracy, reliability, and stopping power of traditional bolt guns with a state of the art semi-automatic action. Shooters still enjoy these qualities in the Garand today, but many have noticed that its long barrel length can limit its usefulness in some scenarios. Because of this, carbine conversions of the Garand have been one of the most popular modifications to the rifle over the years.

Most commonly, cutting the barrel down on an M1 meant you got what has been referred to as a “tanker” Garand, and it came at a high cost, or with a hit-or-mis DIY parts kit. The end result required extensive modification to several parts, for a rifle that often ended up with spotty reliability.  Unless done correctly, that’s not so much a modification as a really expensive way to ruin a great rifle!

A different kind of Tanker


Check out the featured article on the Mini-G in Tactical Life, or see it in action on our YouTube channel.


The Mini-G is a completely new Garand carbine conversion. The key to successfully shortening the M1 Garand lies with precise bending of the op-rod. The process used in making a Shuff’s Mini-G bends the op-rod consistently to the perfect dimensions every time, ensuring that no reliability is sacrificed in the conversion process. The front handguard is also removed completely, rather than leaving a stumpy modified nub as with the old style Tanker conversions. To further ensure reliability, the Mini-G conversion includes a Schuster adjustable gas lock screw so that you can tune your Mini-G to run reliably with whatever ammo you choose.

My complete Mini-G rifles are sold as a base line rifle that you can upgrade ala carte.  It’s important to note that even when the most expensive upgrades are done, you still won’t achieve the over $2100 price range of some other vendors.  The base Mini-G is $1600 and you can add a new barrel $200 and a scout rail installed and still come in less expensive then others.  Value, reliability and excellence are what I offer.

What a new complete Mini-G includes:  All newly parkerized metal, barrel with a TE of less than 5 and a ME of less than 2, New fit and finished Walnut stock set, Test fired 16 rounds, Shuff’s Mini-G closed front lower band, Schuster or ported gas lock screw, Oprod springs that are NOT cut down but instead can be purchased off the shelf for plug and play, Lifetime original owner warranty (I pay shipping if something arrises in first 30 days and customer pays shipping after 30 days).

To have your Garand converted to a Mini-G, you’ll need to send me your entire rifle. I will remove your barrel and either modify it, or exchange it for a pre-cut barrel (your choice, $25 extra to use your own barrel). Then I will make a few other modifications to your rifle, including bending the op-rod (in some cases I will use yours), modifying the oprod catch to act as a bolt hold open and installing either a ported or adjustable gas plug. I’ll finish it up by parkerizing the receiver, follower rod, stock ferule, lower band, bolt, barrel and oprod in either zinc or manganese (specify on your order form). To have the entire rifle parkerized add $50 which includes swapping your stainless, in spec parts for re-blued and in spec ones.  The whole process usually takes about two weeks from start to finish.

Unlike other vendors, I don’t force you to purchase a new barrel which would increase costs $200.   The Mini-G can also be had with a .308 barrel or I can install one of my special .35 Whelen barrels.

-Complete Mini-G Conversion
-Refinish entire rifle
-Add new .308 caliber barrel
-Add .35 Whelen conversion
-Use your barrel (instead of pre-cut barrel)
-Ultimak Scout rail  (There is milling and fitting required to install this on a Mini-G)
Ultimak Scout rail install (this is only the install, NOT the rail) 
Muzzle brake, Schuster
Drop down gas cylinder (BM59 type) with Drop down muzzle brake $175 Sold out but available at Standard Parts