Parkerizing is a chemical process using a low strength acid combined with either Manganese  (usually WWII up to summer of 1944 and then again on all post war new production) or Zinc ( summer of 1944 to end of WWII and post war rebuilds).  The metal is media blasted and then submerged in the acid bath at about 180 degrees.  This etches the metal from the acid bath into the work piece.  A good park job is important because it provides a porous surface for the rifle to hold oil and prevent rust.

I parkerize every piece of the rifle except the pins, springs and the stainless (which I either paint because stainless will not take parkerizing or will swap out your stainless for in spec blued pieces at your request.  I cannot do this on a one off basis). The rifle is completely torn down during the process including the gas system, trigger system and all other components except the stock ferule (which is staked), and the butt plate.  If you want the ferule or butt plate torn down before parking  then please send them  disassembled. The appearance will not differ whether these parts are torn down or not.   All Garand and Carbine barrels are removed from the receiver for parkerizing.  If rifles are sent with furniture, they are test fired for function. Parkerizing is available for the M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, M1903, and M1917.

I offer both Zinc and Manganese parkerizing finish. A Zinc finish is a little lighter and has a gray/charcoal look. Mangangese is darker with a dark charcoal tint. The cost is the same for either finish, but add $35 if you want to use two different finishes. Be sure to specify on your order form which finish type you prefer.

The Shuff’s Special may appeal to many of you, it includes complete parkerizing of your M1 Garand or M1 Carbine, return shipping, and your choice of two of the following options including a trigger job (Garand only),  barrel re-crowning, the installation of your new barrel ( I offer them for sale as well), and Stock Cartouche.  This service is $203 if you live west of the Mississippi river and $178 if you live east of the Mississippi river.

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