Shuff’s Parkerizing is operated by me, Tim Shufflin.  I have had a few M1 Garand’s over the years and started collecting M1 Garands in 2004.  In Late 2004 I started experimenting with parkerized finishes for some of my own pieces and this left me wanting to do more.  I slowly learned how to make barrel modifications, measure head space, bend oprods, solder oprod pistons, improve trigger release, and my favorite, create tanker and sniper modifications.  I love the M1 Garand for both its simplicity and history.  After I became competent with the Garand I soon started Parking and Smithing my own collection of M1 Carbines and M1903’s.  It is my greatest pleasure to take an old battle rifle and restore it to its as issued appearance.  The work I do is rarely something most collectors will appreciate but it is something that those who love a good looking, good shooting, proper functioning firearm will love.  If you would like to get a sense of my work I have sold some rifles, from my collection, on gunbroker.com and my user name is “Shuffs Parkerizing”.  Go on over to Gunbroker and have a look at my feedback.  There are more knowledgeable Martial Arms Smiths out there, I make no bones about that, and there always will be but I stick to the things I know.  I offer simple procedures that I can do well, price’s that are competitive, and an attitude that makes each customer my #1 priority.  I sell service and I will not be outperformed in customer satisfaction.

I am a full FFL07 firearms Manufacturer and can provide my services to anyone living in the United States.  If you choose to honor me with the privilege of restoring your firearm I promise you a no-hassle, how can I help you, stand beside you every step of the way experience.