BM59/Mag-fed Garand

Until further notice Shuff’s Parkerizing will not be doing any work on any non GI receiver based BM59 variant.  The only exception to this is if you are requesting your non GI BM59 variant receiver to be replaced with a GI receiver.

If I have ever done work on your non GI BM59 variant receiver, do not fire it.  Please contact your manufacturer to find it if it has been recalled.

The Mag fed Garand above in first photo is an M14 Mag Fed Mini-G with a 5″ BM59 tri-compensator, Standard Parts drop down BM59 style gas cylinder, Ultimak Scout rail, Dupage Trading Nutmeg laminate stock, finished in maganese parkerizing.  It’s important you know this because EVERYONE calls and wants one just like it so you need to know what having one “just like it” entails.  You’ll have a tough time finding the 5″ muzzle brake but the 3″ version can be had.

ALL mag fed mods are now up to a 90 day turnaround time.

Ever wish your Garand could keep on going after those first eight rounds? How about a magazine-fed Garand? I can completely modify your M1 to accept standard M14 magazines (Checkmate or USGI only) or just get you started with a basic receiver mod and let you do the rest. I can also do the more complex BM59 style mag-fed modification, but you’ll have to supply some of the parts.  No heat is used to modify your receiver unlike some other shops.  Check the ordering page for return shipping rates.

Deluxe Garand M14 Mag-fed Modification   

Send me your complete standard M1 and I’ll install a .308 barrel, exchange your old follower parts for my M14 mod oprod parts, swap out your trigger group, modify your receiver and stock, and do a complete parkerizing.

Deluxe Modification
Add a bolt stop
Add a Mini-G conversion


Basic M-14 Mag Fed Modification 

Send me your stripped M1 receiver and I’ll simply mill it out to accept the M14 magazine and parkerize it. I’ll also supply the op-rod spring guide and spacer block in exchange for your old Garand follower parts. You’ll need your own modified trigger group (including shortened mag-release catch) and .308 barrel.

Bolt Stop Modification   

I will supply a Shuff’s Custom Bolt stop which will act as an active bolt stop just like the M1A does.


M14 Modified Trigger Group 

I swap out your trigger group for a modified trigger group

BM59 Receiver Modifications

There are many different sets of un official (commercial) blueprints floating about for the BM59, I use none of them and use my own based on actual BM59’s and not BM62’s which is a commercial version.  I also have some very slight variations in my machine work that are not visible to the naked eye.  The important thing is that you will get a receiver that will look perfectly like a BM59 to the naked eye.


Your BM59 kit can also be used to build the same looking rifle but using M14 Magazines.  Let me know and I’ll swap your 59 mag parts for my M14 mag parts.

BM59 Receiver mod, includes re-parkerizing the receiver when done: $500
BM59 Receiver mod, and assemble on your provided  Kit: $600
BM59 Receiver mod, and assemble on your provided  Kit, and complete re-parkerize with the exception of the rubber rear butt plate, bipod, grenade sight components, gas cylinder: $650


Convert .308 Standard Military contour Criterion or Citadel barrel to BM59 $200 plus cost of barrel