BM59 Program

Until further notice Shuff’s Parkerizing will not be doing any work on any non GI receiver based BM59 variant unless you sign a release form.  The only exception to this is if you are requesting your non GI BM59 variant receiver to be replaced with a GI receiver.


If I have ever done work on your non GI BM59 variant receiver, do not fire it.  Please contact your manufacturer to find it if it has been recalled.

BM59 Receiver Modifications


There are many different sets of un official (commercial) blueprints floating about for the BM59, I use none of them and use my own based on actual BM59’s and not BM62’s which is a commercial version.  I also have some very slight variations in my machine work that are not visible to the naked eye.  The important thing is that you will get a receiver that will look perfectly like a BM59 to the naked eye.

Your BM59 kit can also be used to build the same looking rifle but using M14 Magazines.  Let me know and I’ll swap your 59 mag parts for my M14 mag parts.

BM59 Receiver mod, includes re-parkerizing the receiver when done: $500
BM59 Receiver mod, and assemble on your provided  Kit: $600
BM59 Receiver mod, and assemble on your provided  Kit, and complete re-parkerize with the exception of the rubber rear butt plate, bipod, grenade sight components, gas cylinder: $650


Convert .308 Standard Military contour Criterion barrel to BM59 $200 plus barrel cost.

Field Grade
































The BM59 I make you will have the authentic BM59 receiver configuration minus the full auto modifications and the stripper clip guide.

If you don’t like the BM59 stock set from your kit, you can go with a new Walnut set expertly inlet and finished by The Stock Emporium.  This set will have the added bonus of custom finger grooves to match some of the BM59 sets you see out there.


Finger grooves








Commonly asked questions;

Question- Will my rifle work when I get it?

Answer- Yes!  I test fire every rifle I make right here at my facility.  Ask any prospective builder if they will test fire with LIVE rounds.

Question- Do you actually do the machine work or do you contract it out?

Answer- YES!  Some builders have NO idea how to actually machine a BM59 from a M1 Garand receiver.  I put in every cut, short of the full auto machine work, and I do it right here in my shop and I’m the guy who actually does it.

Question- How close will my rifle look like a BM59?

Answer- It’s as close as you’ll get without going to Italy and having Beretta do it!

Question- How many rounds do you test fire my BM59?

Answer- 10 rounds on every rifle.

Question- Do you affect the heat treat on my receiver?

Answer- Oh Hell No!  I machine with Carbide cutters and liquid cooling.  The receiver won’t even get warm to the touch!

Question- Is there a warranty on my BM59?

Answer- I will warranty the receiver with a lifetime warranty for the original owner.  If there is a problem in the first 30 days I’ll even spring for the shipping.  No worries though, the BM59 mod is just as robust as the standard Garand.

Question- What if I break a part?  Is there a supply of replacement parts out there?

Answer- At this time there are more parts than ever for the BM59.  You can find parts at both Standard Parts and the Stock Emporium.  Breaking a BM59 part would be a very rare event.  In fact, I’ve never seen but one bolt stop break in over 9 years.  Yes, that’s the only single part I’ve ever even heard of wearing out.

Question- Can I get new wood furniture instead of the old Italian GI stuff?

Answer- Sean Angott of the Stock Emporium offers you a custom walnut stock set which mimics the BM59 look in every way.  He’ll even put in the finger grooves if you like.

Question- What about mags?  Can they be had?

Answer- The BM59 mag is abundant and you can find them at either The Stock Emporium or Standard Parts.  They are also the single greatest, most robust magazine ever developed.  These are NOT cheesy M14 magazines.

Question- I have a drill rifle receiver, there’s a small tack weld holding the barrel on, can I use this receiver?

Answer- Of course you can, I can lathe your barrel off your receiver, face the receiver with a milling machine, right as rain.  I personally have two rifles built on tack welded receivers and both are my go too’s.  What I will not do is anneal a receiver, mill it, then re harden it.  Warping is a huge danger with that method.  Worse yet, the metal hardening company doesn’t get the spec right and BOOM!