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M1 Carbine

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The M1 Carbine is one of the most fascinating combat rifles made.  It’s smaller and lighter than the full size M1 Garand, yet more complex.  I currently provide the following services for the M1 Carbine:

Parkerizing        $125

Reparkering the M1 Carbine involes complete disassembly of the rifle, down to the last pin and spring. All rifles will be parkerized with the barrels on unless I am instructed to remove the barrel and keep it in the white.  There is a small charge of $25 for this added service.

Barrel Crowning        $25

If your barrel has damage to the crown, a quick re-crown job will make it good as new.

Re-barreling        $75 with your barrel.

Many M1 Carbine barrels are beyond a simple re-crowning and may need to be replaced completely. I do not stock M1 Carbine barrels.

Cartouching        $50

I can add a cartouche, or inspector’s mark, to the stock that corresponds with the serial number of your rifle. Details.

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