* At this time please send all packages by USPS.  USPS will be holding all packages at my local office while I am on vacation from July 20 through August 4.  Any packages that will arrive after August 4 can ship however you would like them.

Current turn around time is 90 days.

I offer no discounts for anyone.  We are all equal at Shuff’s Parkerizing, unless you’re a filthy democrat.

If the order page does not send an order to your email, just print right from this page and send that.  This issue is most likely a conflict with your web browser.  My email and address for shipping are listed here on this page just below.

If you cannot get a message to me in the contact me program, just send me a direct email.  The same program error as above applies.

When sending Garand trigger groups or rifles for work, please make sure the safety has no broken off tip.  I must replace this safety, at a cost, or return the rifle with the trigger group disassembled and noted as unsafe.