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Most of what we do at Shuff’s involves modifications to your rifles, but we do sell a limited number of complete rifles each year. Because of the taxes involved, there are a set number of rifles set aside to be sold each year and once they are gone, no more are sold until the following calendar year. Right now, we have the following rifles available:

Mini-G        $1425 Sold out for 2013 and it looks like 2014.

The Shuff’s Mini-G is a uniquely modified Garand carbine. We still have a few complete Mini-Gs left for 2013. Shipping is $45. Mini-G details.

Premium Grade Garand        $1350 Sold out for 2013 and 2014

Our Premium Grade Garand is a completely restored and refinished M1. These can be finished in zinc or manganese, your choice. The barrel will be recrowned and will have a TE of 3 or less and a ME of 1.5 or less. I’ll also include a match-grade trigger job with a 5 lbs pull. The new walnut stock can be cartouched with the correct inspectors mark for the rifle’s serial number. Shipping is $45.

Magazine-Fed Mini-G         $2125 Sold out for 2013 and 2014

This rifle combines both the Shuff’s Mini-G conversion as well as the M-14 magazine-fed modification. Your choice of zinc or manganese parkerizing. Rifle does not come with a magazine. Shipping is $45.


For immediate sale, BM14 Scout  SOLD.  I have one BM14 Scout  built on a CAI receiver.  This rifle was a concept rifle used in the development of the BM14 I sell.  Because it uses a commercial receiver the price is reduced from the normal amount.  This rifle also comes with a few added features including a Nutmeg laminate stock, a Scout rail, and a modified BM59 paratrooper muzzle brake.   The rifle has the following  BM59 parts;   bipod, butt pad, and gas cylinder (is a reproduction BM59 gas cylinder from Standard Parts).  The rest of the parts are standard M1 Garand parts except those I’ve machined to take M14 magazines. Price is $1995 shipped.  If you want one M14 magazine, the one pictured is $15.  Shipped to your FFL dealer.








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The Shuff’s Mini-G